Is Your Chart Handsome or Ugly to Trade the Candlestick Patterns?

Hey, my boys and girls! Before we dig into the topic, please open the simulator (the fourth tab on your JCP app) and make a few trades. It will help you to better understand today's topic.

Awesome! Now, can you spot one similarity of those charts? Don't tell me they're all candlestick charts. Though you're correct, technically. 

Still struggling? Okay, let me reveal it. 

Those charts are HANDSOME

Yes! Handsome.

The word "Handsome" is used intentionally to create an impression so that you can remember it better. Handsome here simply means the candlesticks are regular and well organized.

Need some examples of handsome charts? Here you go.

These are the type of charts that you want to trade the Japanese Candlestick Patterns (JCP) on. In fact, you should only trade the JCP on the handsome charts. The handsome charts will often make you easy money. If you can't make money on the handsome charts, you're not handsome (No, I din't say you're ugly.)

On the contrary, UGLY charts are the ones you should never ever trade. Different story if you're so rich. Why ugly? Because the candlesticks are irregular and poorly organized. There are also a lot of gaps and dotted lines among candles. 

Let's take a look at these ugly charts.

Why can't we trade the JCP on ugly charts? It's your turn to answer. 

Yes, I'm waiting...

...I'm still waiting.

Okay, I'm kind enough to answer for you, again. It is because the ugly charts are unreasonable. Yes! Totally unreasonable. Imagine once a Bullish Engulfing is formed, an extreme Shooting Star comes immediately to reject it and in the next moment, an extreme Hammer appears yet the price becomes a dotted line afterwards. WTF! (It stands for What's The Forecast.)

How do you make sense of it? You don't. 

So, just remember: Trade the handsome charts. Drop the ugly charts.

---Become a Profitable Trader---

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