Unspoken Secret: The Perfect Time Frame For Trading Candlestick Patterns

...So, we have the same burning question from all over the world:

Trader A: "What is the best time frame to trade the Japanese Candlestick Patterns (JCP)?"

Trade B: "The JCP changes with the change in time frame. A reversal JCP in a particular time frame may be no pattern in another. How to decide the best time frame to use?"

Trader C: "If you were given a 5-min, 15-min and 4-hour time frame, which one would you use to trade the JCP?"
(This guy is pretty smart, huh? He asked a hypothetical and funnel question to limit the choice of my answers and attempt to get the desired one.)

Yes! I can't agree more. A Hammer on a chart could be a Shooting Star on another with different time frame. This can affect your trading decision badly.

If you don't get it, take a look at these charts:

No! In fact, the best time frame for trading JCP is...

The chart you're now looking at! On your own trading platform! Yes! Don't doubt it! That's the one! The best time frame! The perfect chart! For trading the JCP!

"Are you kidding me?"

You didn't realize that the so-called best time frame does not exist. The time frame you've been trading or you're comfortable to trade with is actually the BEST time frame.

"How do you make sense of it?"

Sure! It makes perfect sense. Let me ask you, how is a JCP formed? A JCP is formed when the collective sentiment of traders is changed (either from bullish to bearish or bearish to bullish) . And the sentiment change can happen in any time frame, be it 5-min, 15-min, 30-min, 1-hour, 4-hour, daily, weekly or even monthly. Why? Because there are players in all time frames. You're a short-term guy and don't trade anything longer than 1 hour. But your friends do. Your friends' friends do. They're mid- and long-term guys. Their sentiments count, too!

"But the JCP in shorter time frames tend to produce more false signals."

How do you arrive at that conclusion? Show me your back-test result for proof. To be very frank with you, I'm a short-term guy and I only trade minute charts (because frequency is my trading philosophy). Yet, the JCP gives me a win rate of 70%. 

When you trade in a daily time frame, you don't expect to profit within minutes. Likewise, when you trade in a minute time frame, you don't expect to profit in few weeks.

The JCP appears almost at every turning point in different time frames at different timings. Don't believe me? Look at the charts below:

---Your Way to Becoming a Profitable Trader---

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