Seeing the "Invisible" Candlestick Patterns — What Steve Nison Didn't Tell You.

WARNINGThe Japanese Candlestick Patterns (JCP) are not always visible. 

Yes! You read it correct. The JCP is very good at hiding itself, especially the most powerful one. By making itself "invisible", so many amateur traders (including you) are crying over the missed boat. 

The game of seeing the invisible JCP is the game of hide-and-seek. The only difference is that you're now no longer in the playground (oh, childhood!) but trading ground. 

Do you know how to win the game of hide-and-seek? You don't, apparently. Let me tell you: You first need to identify the personality of each hider. This allows you to figure out later where he could be hiding himself at. Then, GOTCHA! 

The same tactic applies to seeking the invisible JCP: 

First, you have to have a good (not basic) understanding on the core psychology of the JCP. What's the core psychology? Again, you don't know. It is the raring bull (bear) overthrowing the exhausted bear (bull)

Second, seek the "the raring bull (bear) overthrowing the exhausted bear (bull)" at where they might be hiding —— the critical price level. What is the critical price level? C'mon man! You've learned it. Exactly! The Support and Resistance

Are you with me? Good! Bear the two tactics in your mind. 

Now, I'm going to show you how to use the two tactics to see the invisible JCP. The books you spend a few hundred bucks on didn't teach you. The course you subscribe to for a few thousand bucks didn't teach you. The mentor you engage with for a few thousand bucks didn't teach you. Even Steve Nison, the Father of the candlesticks didn't teach you at all. 

You're getting it all here at the JCP, for free. I promise you this is the best deal ever! 

Now, let's get practical....

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