You're Reading the Candlestick Patterns WRONG! Here's the RIGHT Way.

I've been receiving thousands of messages asking about the Japanese Candlestick Patterns (JCP). Just in case you don't know, you can reach me by clicking the contact button on the Learning Hub page on the app.   

The questions are more or less the same: 

"Is this a valid Hammer (with a chart attached)?"

"I found a Bullish Engulfing here (chart attached). What should I do tomorrow?"

"It's a Piercing and I should go long. Am I correct (again, chart attached)?"

Day by day, I see the questions repeat themselves just as the JCP on the chart. 

Of course, I'm happy to help you clear your doubts. But I'll be happier to see you being able to think on your feet. 

Sorry for being rude, but I have to say this straight to your face: YOU ARE READING THE JCP WRONG BECAUSE YOU ARE LAZY! 

You only want to remember the image of the JCP. You completely ignore all other psychological requirements to form a valid JCP. 

What's even worse is that some cannot remember the image of the JCP correctly and precisely. Do you know that even a slight difference in the JCP can convey a totally different message? For example...

(Full article is available in the Traders Lab on the JCP App.) 

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